By Chatricam Meghanta
(also known as Marguerite ingen Lachlainn in the SCA)


Memories of my love
have lifted me up out of my body
and sat me next to him in a remembered
place of honor.

With his own hand he has fed me
the tenderest of morsels.
I taste wine from the cup
where his lips have rested.

All night the melodies the musicians
play for him goes into me,
leaving me wild with passion.
His scent is all around me,

the shuddery perfume of amber and musk.
His voice is in my ear, murmuring
the most erotic verses of those midnight songs
until I loose the last shreds of my restraint

and beg him to take me,
take me!

In the morning, when I awake alone
and thirsty for more wine,
I pluck these word crumbs
from the sheets where he no longer lays

and I write.

Photo by Lady Katherine O’Brien
Video by Lady Arlyana van Wyck